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Jamie Hendry –Vocals

Barrett Cawood – Guitar

Jason Eedes - Drums

Mark Kenyon – Bass


Who we are:


Jasper Dan hit the South African music scene like a freight train in 2015… coming off a few years of finding their feet as a rock cover band, the boys took a decision to try out their repertoire of a few originals and a bunch of tributes in the scene. The response was overwhelming as the band quickly developed a loyal following who seemed addicted to Jasper Dan’s honest brand of Southern Rock ‘n Roll… Jasper Dan events soon became renowned for being wild nights laced with Jack Daniel’s that no one dared to miss.


With the pride the band takes in every gig they play, they grew quickly, regularly snapping up opening slots for many of South Africa’s bigger acts in a very short space of time, this culminating in the band being selected to open for Iron Maiden on their Book of Souls Tour in 2016.


The day following the Iron Maiden event at Carnival City, the band committed to releasing their debut album before seeing the year out. In the November of 2016, Jasper Dan proudly released A Southern Fling at Rumours Lounge, it was a night that will be remembered for all in attendance for years to come. On that night, sponsored by Jack Daniel’s and with a huge crowd in attendance, Jasper Dan laid down their commitment to the South African music scene and their plan for every gig to follow…


What we are:


Jasper Dan is a band of everyday guys playing our own brand of honest music. We adopt a mature attitude towards the writing and delivery of our own songs. Jasper Dan is characterised by a solid rhythm section that supports enticing guitar hooks and unusually dirty but coherent vocals. While drawing much influence from southern rock we believe we provide something different to the South African music scene. We’re not a southern band, we are a “Southern African band.”     


Why we do it:


We do it because we love it. It is just that simple. We have become a closely knit group of friends who love playing our own music together. Jasper Dan songs are thought out, every sound being there for a reason with a message or story played out in crafted lyrical content. As Jasper Dan, we take a lot of pride in being a “band” of the most authentic meaning of the word. We bring back the undressed emotion of true rock & roll with no engineered trimmings or digital reinforcing! 


 Why Jasper Dan?


Because Jasper Dan believes in every note we play and every word we sing.


It’s because of this that Jasper Dan shows are driven by a passionate energy from deep inside. When we are onstage we’re having the time of our lives which translates to the creation of an addictive energy for all those around. Jasper Dan are foot-stomping and an easy contrast that have already held our own with South Africa’s big hitters.


Simply we are just 100% everyday, authentic Jasper Dan. And that’s all we are. But it’s something we are proud to be!!

The path to now…


Jasper Dan is a hardworking band with an infectious sound. The road to where we are now pays tribute to that with some very honoured and memorable highlights from the band’s first year on the originals only circuit. A few of these being:



  • OPENING BAND for the Raven Age and IRON MAIDEN held by BIG CONCERTS at CARNIVAL CITY for the Johannesburg leg of the IRON MAIDEN – BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR 2016.


  • JASPER DAN – A SOUTHERN FLING – Album Launch on 12 November 2016 at Rumours Lounge sponsored by Jack Daniel’s and attended by over 500 people.


  • Only Band confirmed for 2 sets at 2017 South Africa Bike Festival to take place on 27 & 28 May 2017


  • Opening Act for Jack Parow in Johannesburg - April 2017


  • Headline Act at Rumours Rock City Official Opening – January 2017


  • Krank Chaos Mountain Bike Festival - Afriski Lesotho – October 2016


  • WINNER of the Battle for SPLASHY FEN by Music Mate and The Barnyard Theatre and thereafter performing at SPLASHY FEN 2016


  • HEADLINE act at the Paige Project Event ROCK OF PAIGES


  • Only band asked to perform over two days at ARTISTS AGAINST EXTINCTION MUSIC FEST. Played before WONDERBOOM (Headline) on the main stage on the main event night.


  • Other memorable events: South African Guitar and Music Expo 2016 and 2017, Brochella 2017, Official Opening of Rumours Rock City, New Year at Rumours Rock City.




  • Local and International Radio Play





Daz Roux – Guitar

Paul Harley - Drums

Vernon Hoddge Hodgetts - Bass

Gert Griessel - Bass

Neil Scanes – Bass
Nuno Dos Santos - Bass

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